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          I Try to Make People’s Lives Better Through Content

          Sometimes I do it by creating content. Sometimes I do it by helping people think more deeply about the content they’re creating. Sometimes I just have a conversation. This page will send you all of the places that happens.

          The Latest

          • David’s Talks on YouTube


            See me in action on YouTube.

          • David’s Articles on Medium


            Learn more about my crazy ideas on Medium.

            Learn More
          • Donuts and Conversations with David

            Dunk Donuts with Dave

            Watch me talk to way more interesting people over donuts.

          • David’s Web Series, Developing Philly

            Developing Philly

            Learn more about the Philly innovation scene in this web series I co-created with Maurice Gaston.

            Learn More
          • David’s “Cognitive Bias” Podcast

            The Cognitive Bias Podcast

            Find out why we do the weird stuff that we do, one bias at a time.

            View Podcast
          • David’s “Talking Pictures” Podcast

            Talking Pictures Podcast

            Where my friend and I blather on an on about movies.

          • Philadelphia’s Content Strategy Meetup

            Content Strategy Philly Meetup

            Learn more about content strategy live and in person in Philly.

            Learn More

          Learn more about what Dave’s up to

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